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About Us
Duplex Australia Pty. Ltd. specialises in design and construction of duplex dwellings only. Our key managers have been involved with duplexes since 1982 and bring to our clients a remarkable combination of skills, experience and expertise in design and construction of duplex dwellings.

While a number of companies focus on individual dwellings and 'do duplexes too', we pride ourselves with total focus and dedication to this challenging and exciting segment of residential construction.

Igor Vavrica
Igor is an architect and engineer with over 30 years of professional experience, in Australia and internationally. He has been involved with the housing industry in Australia since 1993 and in that period has gained a considerable experience in the field.

Igor is the Managing Director of Duplex Australia. Read More

Duplex Australia Pty Ltd
ACN 115 066 307   ABN 90 115 066 307   CL 186734C
Unit G06   46-50 Kent Road   Mascot   NSW   2020
Phone: 02 8064 2934   Fax: 02 8208 3211

Igor Vavrica