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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:In which areas do you build?
Q2:What is site evaluation?
Q3:Why is site evaluation important?
Q4:How do you know which design suits my land?
Q5:What is included in basic price?
Q6:What are site costs?
Q7:What is included in total price?
Q8:Can I have a fixed price contract?
Q9:What is duplex management fee?
Q10:What is Development Application?
Q11:What is Construction Certificate?
Q12:What is Occupation Certificate?
Q13:How long does it take to obtain Development Approval?
Q14:What are statutory charges?
Q15:How long does it take to build a duplex?
Q16:What are standard inclusions?
Q17:How do I select colours?
Q18:Can I have any façade that I want?
Q19:Why cannot I have my house bigger (or smaller)?
Q20:What if I want to do my own landscaping (or paving, or...)?
Q21:What if I sell the land with Development Approval?
Q22:What if I change my mind?
Q23:Can I buy plans and build myself?
Q24:Can you design a custom duplex for me?

How do you know which design suits my land?

The size, shape and location of your land are the early determining factors for checking the compliance of our designs. Once you supply us with these basic figures, we would check all our designs against the restriction that your Council's Development Control Plan imposes upon your land.

A part of this process is automated (we do have some rather powerful computers here), but our town planners would always conduct the last check.

So, even before we conduct the site evaluation (and charge you for it), you will already have a rather good idea of which of our designs can possibly be built on your land. The final say is yours - it will be the duplex that suits your land, but also the one that you want to live in.