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Privacy Statement

This web site records the following information for statistical purposes:

Our statistics are frequently updated and the logs deleted from time to time. We do not purposely retain any information that may identify you, without your explicit request. This request is initiated by filling in the registration form.

Any secure transmissions or financial transactions that you may conduct over the Internet in conjunction with doing business with Duplex Australia will be handled by third parties, properly equipped for such activities. We only provide a link to those specialised services.

This site utilises session cookies. They are important for maintaining the data integrity during your visits to this website.

Disclosure of Information

The information that you give us is only going to be disclosed to parties directly involved with your project, on a 'need to know' basis.

All our employees, consultants and sub-contractors have signed confidentiality agreement with us. This way your personal information is protected to the full extent of law.