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Step By Step

The following 6 steps will guide you through the process of building a new duplex, from selection of the most suitable design for your property, to tracking your project during construction.

Simply click on any of the steps below and a more detailed description of the process will appear in the window to the right.

Step 1:   Browse through available designs

Step 2:   Site Match - match our designs and your property

Step 3:   Site evaluation

Step 4:   Project Review

Step 5:   Select colours and finishes

Step 6:   Track your project

Project Review

Once the site evaluation is completed, we will calculate the full cost of construction and offer you a fixed price contract. It will be linked to your land and to the duplex design and facade option that you have selected. The contract will be conditioned by your council granting the development consent.

We will also give you a list of different fees that you will have to pay in relation to the construction of your duplex (such as Section 94 Contribution). Very often duplex developers receive nasty surprises when asked to pay fees that no one has told them about. With Duplex Australia all your costs are known in advance, so you can budget in comfort and with piece of mind.

This is a good time to review levels of inclusions and finishes for your new duplex. You will be given a window of opportunity, up to 30 days, to carefuly select a combination of features unique to your duplex and tailor it to your budget.

A duplex management fee of $11,000 (inclusive of GST), that covers all documentation and our professional services from lodgement of Development Application, to the release of the Notice of Determination of DA, is payable at this time.

Additional fees and charges are payable prior to commencement of construction. Calculating these amounts and presenting them in a fully itemised form is one of the actions that take place as a part of site evaluation.

The construction is going to be paid for through several 'progress payments' handled directly by your lender.