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Step By Step

The following 6 steps will guide you through the process of building a new duplex, from selection of the most suitable design for your property, to tracking your project during construction.

Simply click on any of the steps below and a more detailed description of the process will appear in the window to the right.

Step 1:   Browse through available designs

Step 2:   Site Match - match our designs and your property

Step 3:   Site evaluation

Step 4:   Project Review

Step 5:   Select colours and finishes

Step 6:   Track your project

Track your project

At the time of paying the site evaluation fee, you will be given access to the area of our web-site dedicated to your project. This will let you track the progress of your project, from preparation of documentation for submission of Development Applciation, to different milestones during the construcion.

Your project details will be constantly updated and accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.