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Why Duplex?
Green fields are getting more distant from CBD - up to 1 hours drive. Land in established areas is prohibitively expensive, especially for the first home buyer.

A duplex development provides 2 dwellings on a single house lot. This means that the cost of land per dwelling is halved. Established residential areas close to the City are thus brought within the reach of a large percentage of population.

The increase in the age of first time parents is ensuring that, over time, more people will look at duplexes as a way to ensure their children can enter the property market, while caring for the parents later in life.

Duplexes are not necessarily small: the majority of our designs feature 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

More and more property developers are looking at duplex as a reliable and less risky investment strategy, compared to the traditional medium density developments.

In current economic climate, builidng a duplex, then selling both dwellings, is one of the few exit options available to investors who experienced a significant drop in value of their property.